Artdeshine (ADS) is the world’s vision of advanced detailing innovation.

What started out as a bespoke atelier for mobile detailing and paint correction in the year 2000 grew into an experiential detailing brand known to many discerning automotive aficionados across the globe.
With a pioneer status in detailing R&D as the first to utilise nano graphene in automotive detailing, ADS is now recognised for its world-class standard in quality coatings, particularly in the area of nano graphene coatings. Today, ADS boasts a strong portfolio of in-house formulated detailing products that are highly sought after in 6 continents, through more than 40 retailers globally.

The refreshed identity for ADS encompasses a timeless, cutting-edge logomark and custom logotype that reinforces their position in the global detailing industry. Retaining their trademark bright cyan, our work is further expanded in a large inventory of packaging, social, and spatial touchpoints – check out @irkoriginals and @business_splashgang killing it with their lovely mural work.