Berrybar is an artisanal boutique strawberry chocolatier. Initially a passion project at the start of the pandemic, Berrybar has since grown and is now operating out of a small kitchen in the central east of Singapore.
The idea was to create a simple, yet elegant and customisable gift for others to send to their loved ones. Taking extra care in selecting the freshest ingredients, every berry is handpicked, washed, dried, meticulously dipped and ‘dressed up’. From cartoon characters to (ahem) body parts, their precision towards customisation is key – as @samfranwong @thegentlestudio found out during the photoshoot.

Inspired by the peduncle of a strawberry, the logotype uses Anthony by VTF.  The brand is fun, colourful, and full of heart. These traits are brought to life by the beautiful illustrations by the wonderfully talented @jaeyelle.