When a second generation meat roaster collaborates with a chef and restaurateur to create something together, you know you would be getting something heartily awesome. At DTM (Direct To Masses), they create food that promises excellence and satisfaction. They are an innovation-driven food service created to be affordable and accessible – because great food deserves great people.
We created a visual identity embedded in heritage but also future-proofed in touchpoint adaptability, consumer relatability, and brand storytelling. Noting its ability to partner with other brands to heighten the culinary experience, we gave it an expandable logomark that has the ability to scale up and down at different touchpoints, as well as various illustrations were also added to amp up the character of the brand.

Acknowledging their ability to bring convenience and quality cuisine to everyone’s doorstep, we crafted their tagline – “Modern Convenience”, or in short “Mod-Con”. Embracing an interplay between modern and traditional cooking methods, they cater to food lovers from all walks of life so that everyone can enjoy it at their own time, in their own comfort.