In an education landscape that encourages academic excellence and all-round development of our children, time, and how we use it to learn has become a priority.

Parents in Singapore are constantly looking for better ways to help their children progress academically, while freeing up time to experience the other things that matter in life.
The brand mark was designed to resemble an arrow, a book, and a rocket. It points at an upward 45° angle that symbolises progress and improvement. The sharp 90° angle at the top right corner spells out the brand story of working towards a sharper performance through Geniebook.

Various brand language and graphics take cue from the logo marque’s shape and angle. They represent blocks of learning and building one’s knowledge.

Imagery, colours, and applications are carefully considered and curated to bring out the essence of edu-tech learning, and how Geniebook is the rainmaker in this progressive change.