Southeast Asia’s leading superapp Grab celebrated its 10th anniversary by launching a new 9-storey HQ in Singapore. Located at one-north business tech park, this facility spans more than 42,000 sqm. The building houses about 3,000 Grabbers, including its newly-formed digibank team. It also features an R&D Centre, as well as its first GrabMerchant Centre.
“It is a story that is familiar to us because it is a story about the underdog succeeding against all odds, and making the impossible possible. That’s what the Singapore story is about. Like Singapore, Grab started from humble beginnings. It had to grow from virtually nothing, and it had to face and confront and overcome challenges along the way.”
- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong

We are proud to be part of this story as we were tasked to work on spatial and interior graphics across all the different levels—ranging from cafeterias to corridor graphics, communal spaces to meeting rooms.
The visuals had to be sensitive to the usage and scale of the space. What tied the graphics together was an overall vision of being progressive, passionate, inclusive, dynamic and vibrant – a clear reflection of Grab’s company culture.

The Grab Way (Grab’s ethos) is intentionally weaved into the different corners of the building.
Common corridors
A blooming and self-generative design that is based on Kaizen, where the path to achieving the mission is going to involve its fair share of twists and turns, requiring Grabbers to continuously adapt to new information and changing circumstances.  
Retro signboard designs showcase the variety of food in the Southeast Asia region. As GrabFood is a key pillar of the Grab superapp, this set-up acts a tribute to food merchants who have trusted Grab since Day One. This is Grab’s show of honour, where trust in Grab makes the mission possible.
Lego Interactive Walls
The baseline: informal, fun, collaborative. We before me. Interaction at these designed walls foster Grabbers’ socialisation beyond departments and hierarchy. As OneGrab, Grabbers actively work to overcome and break silos across verticals, functions, and hierarchies.