When there is a haulage job, what happens when the assigned company is unable to fulfil the on-time delivery promise? Or when a container reaches the coast of the island, there isn’t any haulage company assigned for pick-up?

Haulio is a haulier community platform designed to bring strength to individual hauliers through unity. Through Haulio, hauliers will be able to pool resources together by building partnerships with each other and facilitating collaborations. With better resource utilisation, everyone stands to gain—hauliers, drivers, shippers and ports.
As of 23 May 2018, Haulio has raised S$1 million in seed round investment, led by PSA unboXed and participated in by 500 Startups, NUS Enterprise, and several logistics industry angel investors. The funding comes after a S$75,000 pre-seed funding from PSA unboXed and 500 Startups.

For more information: https://splash247.com/novel-singapore-container-haulage-start-emerges/

The identity is designed based on the concept of collaboration. A strong, impressionable monogram is created in the form of a two-part ‘H’. The two parts resemble the coming together of two entities, much like the business model of Haulio—it matches a haulier to a job, and vice versa. 
Through the linking of various parties in the haulage community, Haulio aims to achieve their vision of a cohesive, self-sustainable ecosystem through a sustained and effective mode of connecting.

As the brand language will be applied throughout various mediums (from a small web favicon to huge container trucks), the logo mark has to be simple, yet recognisable and strong weighted to create consumer recall and brand impression. 
The shape of half of the ‘H’ is also applied to all collaterals such as letterheads, presentation slides, lanyards, and more, depicting the role of Haulio in the haulage business community.