Close to two decades since their inception, InspireTech has grown from a start-up into an international organisation with multi-faceted services, with offices in the Middle East, USA, Asia, and Russia.

Driven by their DNA to disrupt status quos and challenge tradition, they have gone from strength to strength to build future-proof products, cultivate a dynamic culture and develop sustainable relationships with their partners and customers.
While they remain steadfast in their focus and values, they recognised the need to refresh and realign the external and internal perceptions of their evolving brand.

With their tagline ‘Converging Technologies. Transforming Workplace’, the brand is founded on the enduring principle of creating smarter solutions through convergent technologies. They have always believed that when collaboration and communication are encouraged and facilitated in a workplace, organisations can unleash the full potential of teams—an idea that propels us to where they are today.

The logomark is primarily derived from ‘i’ and ‘t’ of InspireTech. Fused together with the mathematical symbol of pi, a universally-known constant often used in computer science and engineering. The logomark is developed into a visual that speaks of InspireTech’s strong adherence to the purity of computer engineering.
Each product pillar and sub-logo is rendered to feel individually distinctive but also carry a similar shape and style as part of the bigger InspireTech family.