Welcome to your favourite backyard cafe, where it perpetually smells like freshly ground coffee, delicious baked treats and buttery eggs. You must have with you everyone and anyone that matters for maximum enjoyment.

Lola’s is all about honest and comfort fare for the soul. And along with that, a safe space where hearty laughter and warm conversations are the staples of every meal.
Originally opened at the north-eastern side of Singapore, Lola’s Cafe has big plans to bring their love for delicious meals and precious moments to more places around Singapore. As it grew organically with its customers – both the familiar faces and new patrons – it never veered away from the common thread of good food and conversations. We were tasked to give it a new look to represent this common thread as it opened a new outlet in Holland Village.

Designing a custom typeface with two sets – Lola’s Sans and Lola’s Display, the typeface went on to become the logotype and header typeface in various touchpoints. Accompanied by an anchor shophouse logomark to represent home and heartiness, various illustrations were added to give a sense of comfort, familiarity, and friendships.