Listed on SGX Catalist Board and headquartered in Singapore with operations in Singapore, China and Malaysia, Luminor Financial Holdings Limited ("LFHL", formerly known as Starland Holdings Limited) is a financial solutions business that aims to provide innovative financing solutions to SMEs across the region.
LFHL first started out as a Singaporean-owned and managed property developer for quality integrated residential commercial properties in the People’s Republic of China and Singapore. With established expertise in key aspects of property development and management, the Group continues to build a strong presence and brand name for premium integrated residential and commercial properties development in Chongqing and other second and third tier cities in the PRC, focusing on large scale middle to high end and multi-phased projects.
We were tasked to create a new identity for Luminor Financial Holdings. Based on the tagline  ‘The Future Glows’, our design is derived from the concept of illumination. The logomark is a combination of the two alphabets ‘L’ and ‘F’ coming together to form a textured and meteor shower-like execution. This represents the illuminating presence of the company across various regions, as well as their innovative ways of changemaking the industry.

Various touch points take cue from the graphic elements as they are applied across digital, print, and other collaterals.