Find another project that lets you put these things together: An unconventional bitten cover, neon dreams, custom emojis, augmented reality, and flying poop.

Yes, flying poop. Misbehaving clients, check your phones please.

Typefaces: Various released and unreleased by Fable Type, Aeonik by CoType Foundry (Body), Editorial New by Pangram Pangram Foundry (Display) and Tabi by The Designers Foundry

Writeups: Pang Xue Qiang / Sharanya Pillai / Sheryl Lee / Tan Yin Lin and Toh Ee Ming
Illustrations: Benedict Tay / Chloe Chang / Jeanette Yap
Printing: Allegro Print
Paper: RJ Paper
Photographers: Sherry Wong / Zachary Tang / Samuel Wong / The Gentle Studio