Every issue of Meantime encapsulates a theme, and this round it is about “Bad Stories”. As the theme circumnavigated around the seven sins, we designed it with a deep die-cut across the entire publication, akin to our sins sinking us. Printed in Pantone 803, the boomZx neon is reminiscent of toxins and poisons.

Each chapter begins with the title of the sin melting into the ground. With the shape of the publication, we sinfully broke all kinds of typesetting rules — orphans, rivers, widows, and horrible rags are aplenty. Oops and sorry 😘😘…!!! Hidden print effects are also included — bullet holes (a nod to a crow culling campaign), foiled spread (representing self-reflection), and more.
The exposed stitched spine is emblazoned with the words LET THAT SIN IN — a parodical localised reference to Elon Musk the time he carried a physical sink as he entered Twitter for the takeover.

Typeset in TENET

Meantime #3 Funny Stories

Find another project that lets you put these things together: An unconventional bitten cover, neon dreams, custom emojis, augmented reality, and flying poop.

Yes, flying poop. Misbehaving clients, check your phones please.

Meantime #2 Ghost Stories

Ghosts are more than spirits and the supernatural.

Metaphorical “ghosts” linger around us too—the fear etched under our skin, the mystery that is lurking at the back of our mind, or the loss buried deep in our heart. The things that happened to us in the past, they become the ghosts we carry with us. They can sometimes get too heavy to bear, and in time, we can only hope to release them.

An annual publication, Meantime is put together by a team based in Singapore and is all about life in the city state and its history. For its second issue, the theme was Ghost Stories.

Based on the articles, specific treatment such as torn pages, jagged edges (trimmed by hand with a knife), and mixed paper stocks (including translucent paper) were carefully selected and customised to elevate the reading experience.
The highlight of this issue is the cover—it is treated with a layer of heat-sensitive ink that changes colour and leaves an imprint of your hands as you hold the magazine. It is reminiscent of how every touch leaves an imprint, be it temporal or permanent. For every read, we create a ghost of an experience.

The result is a magazine that perfectly balances content and form, creating a publication that speaks to various interpretations of its theme, with a design to match.

Meantime can be purchased here.