Currently an internationalized research and design-driven manufacturing brand, Opulent started out as a company that specialized in PCB manufacturing. The brand experience a misalignment in identity that stemmed from a weak visual representation, and many potential clients had assumed that they were mere manufacturers.
They aren’t just another cookie-cutter electronic manufacturing company. Understanding the need to evolve, Opulent delivers manufacturing solutions of high complexity that encompass every stage of the product creation. From technical specification analysis, ideation and design, prototyping, product development to the actual manufacturing of the products, no stones are left unturned.
The brand identity system is developed based on the idea of intelligence, invention and innovation—three ideals that define Opulent. The core logo is designed from a structure of an atom, extending to a grid comprising protons, electrons and neutrons. This depicts how every Opulent product is an idea, a spark of genius, a constant evolution of innovation that improves lives and transforms environments. Using a singular grid, the logomark is developed alongside a whole suite of icons, secondary graphics, and way-finding elements.
Believing in possibilities has brought Opulent from a PCB specialist to SSL solution provider and today, a globally trusted complex contract manufacturer.

Visions into vivid products, complex issues into simplified solution—with Opulent, products are made smarter.

Human / Spatial photography: Studio Periphery