PLAY @ OMTJ is centered on the concept of interconnectedness across time and space. Despite predominantly being a feature on recreational spaces in Taman Jurong and its heritage, the timeless theme of PLAY and recreation help bridge both the past and present.
The cascading alphabets in the PLAY visual are inspired by DNA strands, the fundamental building blocks of life and common threads between each and every individual.

An accompaniment visual concept revolves around a Chinese idiom: ‘前人种树, 后人乘凉’. The alphabet ‘Y’ is utilized to form the Chinese character 人 (‘man’, or ‘people’). It is also used to represent casuarina trees, a natural feature unique to Taman Jurong.

When put together, both form the motif of a man resting under the shade of a tree, an ode to the idiom, which encourages people to appreciate their predecessors’ efforts in providing for the comforts they enjoy today.
The book contains inserts of random yet nostalgic old and archived photographs that were collected from elderly residents. Each segment is also separated by a unique paper stock that represented each heritage site by its special texture.