This is where the sun rises to an awesome new day ahead, and where the sun sets to a day well spent enjoying life to the fullest.

Make Yourself at Quincy, the place where you decide who you will be today: a chic entrepreneur, a rugged adventure seeker, a quirky creative. We'd love to meet all of you.
Come as you are and experience a stay that’s curated just for you.

Commissioned to design the brand identity of Quincy Hotel for an overseas expansion, we took on the challenge to make it relatable not just for a global market, but also to a global audience: the savvy and quirky millennials.

Inspired by the rhythms of every city and the orange dot in the logotype, we generated a series of animated brand graphics that showcased Quincy Hotel’s modern hospitality through the movement of skylines and the sun.
The final result is a brand identity that unites animated visuals, fluid illustrations, and quirky copy to bring out Quincy’s brand DNA.

Launched in Singapore as Quincy Hotel and Quincy House (serviced residences, opening 2024), and Melbourne, Australia.

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