STATE OF CHANGE is a joint exhibition presented by DECK examining the significance of memory in a city-state where change is the only constant.

Featuring two independent projects that employ photography in the activation of memory, “Some Other Way”, by Nicholas Koh and Jiahui Tan, and “Singapore’s Vanished Public Housing Estates”, by Koh Kim Chay and Eugene Ong.

The design direction takes on an approach that represents conversations that are pushing boundaries.
These dialogues are sometimes uncomfortable and push people to the edges of their comfort zones. As the society is in constant flux, the looping of the typography before it expands to the four corners signify that change is the only constant.

To mimic the visual direction that we see at our disappearing common spaces that the authorities use to print notices and posters, we utilised the familiar colourful craft construction papers to create an array of flyers and collaterals.

With the onset of constant urban renewal, is documentation our only form of resistance?