The Balance Company believes that a good life is built on a healthy body and a calm mind.

Their mission is to empower everyone to take better care of their bodies, starting from modern ergonomic shoes that promote good posture.

We were approached to work on the brand strategy closely together with the founder, including creating the brand visual identity.
Their shoes are designed with a clear purpose to serve a body right. They have proper arch support tailored for Asian feet to balance our body weight, acupressure massage points to relieve muscle strain and stimulate blood circulation, thick cushioning to absorb shock with extra cushioning in the heels and the ball of the foot to distribute weight, a wider outsole base to provide more stability, and wider space for the toes for extra comfort and everyday wear.

We went further to create a set of customised typography for each alphabet of the logotype, including the monogram. This forms a truly unique identity that only belongs to the brand.
The brand colours are chosen to complement the extended product range, as well as various marketing efforts across different touchpoints.