Working with the trailblazers of VOGUE Singapore for their global theme ‘Creativity’, we showcased our custom typography (Every Times) and seal design on their cover and inner spreads.

Not every day do we get the opportunity to be on the cover alongside global supermodel Liu Wen, shot by the visionary photographer Leslie Zhang. 

The cover design was further digitised into various Augmented Reality interactions, where users can choose to have these AR pop-up elements for their photo moments.

Director: Zhu Zi
Director of Photography: Xiao Xin
Gaffer: Gang Liu
Editing: ZAN Visual Production
Assistant Director: Lynn Wang

Editor-in-Chief: Norman Tan
Photographer: Leslie Zhang
Fashion: Daniela Paudice
Stylist: Audrey Hu
Art Director: Henry Thomas Lloyd
Executive Producer: Adam Chen
Hair: Zhang Ming Hu
Make-up: Xin Miao
Talent: Liu Wen / The Society Management
Photography Assistants: Jiabin Shen / Dongbin Qiao
Styling Assistants: Danney Li / Wen Jie / Yang Yi
Hair styling Assistants: Weitao Ke / Sherman
Make-up Assistant: Zoe Zhang
Production: Oolong Zhang
Set Design and Props: Xiaolin Jiao / Bei Yuan / Shujie Chai at Fuwafuwa / Zhang Tong (backdrop artist)
Production Assistants: Roy Zhao / Ning Cha / Zhicheng Li
Studio: Geek Studio