That change is the only constant in life is a truism we are all familiar with, but what we talk less about is how we deal with it in our lives. Some of us embrace change wholeheartedly, allowing it to take us wherever it wants. Others are more resistant, clinging onto their set ways and finding means to wear down change or avoid it altogether — until the next wave comes along.

There is a third approach, which is to initiate change yourself. By being the master of one's destiny, change becomes just one of the many parameters in life. It can be anticipated, addressed, and more importantly, harnessed for one’s own plans, like how a seafarer captures the winds with his or her sails so as to deftly navigate the wide open sea.

This perhaps best describes the spirit that this magazine represents. VIRUS is the call of an enterprising group of young designers and artists eager to spread change. Rather than wait for it to come to them, they have created their own platform to spread stories and ideas they feel are lacking in the society they are in. Through this magazine, they want to evoke, affect, and cause you to react. Through their seed of change, they hope to encourage an energetic outbreak of changes.

For what? How so? Where to? When and why? These are the least of concerns for the people behind VIRUS. They only know they are an organism of change, and it is what they interact with next that will shape how they evolve, and whether their readers change. They are one part of the equation, and you the reader, are the other.

Like a real virus, the effects vary according to the host body, but something will change, one way or another.

You’ve got the virus, but are you ready for change?