The last installation of the three-part series that documented the memories of residents in Taman Jurong, WORK is an archival effort to record the past and present occupations in the precinct.
The creative direction is an amalgamation of the
four major work industries in Jurong, namely the army, blue-collared industries, shipyards, and hawker centres. We took cue from a unique habit of Singaporeans, both old and older, who often verbally repeat the mantra of “work, work, work, work, work”.

Familiar visual ephemera include punch cards, shipyard containers, military patterns and more. Work, like a consistent yet existential part of adulthood, is put together haphazardly and randomly, showing the interweaving cultures of various industries. This carries through for both collaterals that we developed in line with the exhibition—the brochure and the book.
The book, similar to the previous projects in the series, is chaptered with dividers made from old-school textured construction paper files, separating the different generations and timelines.